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About Us isn’t about us, it’s about you the consumer.

The site was created to give the power of time to homeowners and buyers directly, all without contracts and other obligations. All the while doing our very best to protect your personal information! We don’t share your personal data with anyone unless you choose so.

We are not a Real Estate Brokerage!

Simply put, we are a liaison of sorts, designed to connect people who own properties of all kinds, single-family residences, condos, apartments, even parcels of land. We coined the term pre-listing™ as a first step for any property owner to take control of their biggest asset, their home.

We believe this will give property owners the opportunity to test the waters you might say, or even decide to sell at some point. Regardless of the decision, the control stays with the owner, not the broker.

We also feel very compelled with the community of potential buyers out there. Having a single point of reference for shopping for real estate is so “100 years ago.”

iWonder™ will allow you to monitor that dream house before it’s listed.

The MLS system currently in place is about to be rattled, and is the catalyst for change. For the first time, a website is challenging the status quo and inviting you, the consumer to be apart of the uprising against the highly controlled establishment that is the Real Estate industry. We believe that change is in order and the control be handed back to the consumers.

We welcome you to the future!

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